The Sacred Labyrinth 

The Sacred Labyrinth project is a photo series of 108 vaginas painted to be flowers/plants, animals, sociopolitical concepts, expressions of women’s struggle, depictions of  sexual violence, culture, humor, and natural embodiments of the universe.

The Project paints women of diverse sexual orientations, cultures, religions, professional backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and post-op transgendered women. While the art is photographed, participants anonymously share their experiences and stories of their bodies. A narration of their interviews is shared at the viewing. This work focuses on transforming the human from an extrinsically defined object to something more intrinsic and expressive. The narrative serves as a platform to welcome audiences to share and discuss their own experiences as women.

The Sacred Labyrinth creates therapeutic, inspirational art as both self-expression and a challenge to the viewers. The painted body becomes a liminal dwelling place, compelling the onlooker to ponder rather than look away.

Painter Piyali has been fortunate to work with various visual and performance artists to showcase her body-positive work, as well as collaborating with photographers and producers, namely Julia Comita, Numidas Prasarn, Sophie Spinelle (Shameless Photography), Carey Lynn (American Beauty) and Barry Toranto. The Project aims to liberate without isolating the subject; the forum encourages all audiences to explore and understand our individual bodies together, rather than seeing the body as an isolated, objectified vessel. Her work is inclusive and features survivors of human trafficking, homelessness, and sexual violence. The Sacred Labyrinth seeks to replace patriarchal narratives of shame with an uncolonized, discursive feminine mystique.

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